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in this beautiful blue sky city, its called Yinchuan, i▓t鈥檚 the capital of Ningxia. And the reason i'm▓ here is to suss out rural china. Basically to figure out whats been going on with the farmers. ▓And I鈥檝e found o


ne, this place is called Pingluoxian. And ▓this webpage that I鈥檝e found is actually advertising produc▓ts that they have on their farm. So these guys have access to internet which is good news.Ningxia is a small automonous province in north western China, nestled between Shaanxia and Gansu

and han▓ging below Inner Mongolia. The Yel

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low river cuts through▓ the province providing much needed▓ irrigation to an otherwise dry, dusty land.Ningxia is▓ an important agricultural player in China. There are about 4 million farmers and over 19 million acres of cu

ltiva▓ted land where rice, wheat, corn and all ki▓nds of fruits, especially wolfberries are grown. As I wandered through the farmlands I could tell that the environment was perfect for farming not just because it was so lush but because the air was so clean and soft. There is almost no pollution and at night you can actually s▓ee a few stars. Coming from Beijing, this is quite something!We are off to see our first family now, in ▓order to establish how the last 30 yrs has changed their lives. But its not all gonna be pomp and ceremony because▓ today they are celebrating a birthday. One of their little einy scheinies is turning on

e. Which ▓reminds me I should probably pick something up, the real q▓uestion is: what do you buy a one year old▓ kid in China?We鈥檝e arrived in this little v▓illage, as you can see everybody here is in a good m▓ood. I think they鈥檙e celebrating the beautiful day. Four beautiful dancers and some tradi▓tional instruments over here. I鈥檓 not sure what they鈥檙e singing about, but it鈥檚 an interesting sou

nd.So I鈥檝e▓ just been doing some shopping

and ▓I have here some candy which I鈥檓 sure will go down w▓ell and in my bag I have a red envelope

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filled with lots of lovely money.S Korea, U.S. reopen high-level talks over U.S. beef rowSEOUL, June 19 (Xinhua▓) -- South Korea and the United States has resumed high-level talks to address concerns over the safety of imported U.S. beef, the Yonhap news agency reported Thursday.South Korean Trade Mi▓nister Kim Jong-hoon

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and U.S. Trade Represe▓ntative Susan Schwab held talks on late Wednes

day, th▓e fourth meeting in five days.Earlier ▓on Wednesday,

Kim and Schwab had an informal lunche

on meeting, during which the t

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